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“I have found the office to be extremely professional and efficient. It is a great benefit to have Dr Hudson as well these services all in one place. I recommend them highly!!!!!”

– Laura

“My experiences over several months were all very positive. The office environment is outstanding: soothing, aesthetically pleasant (art, music books), relaxing and enjoyable. It appears as if a lot of attention was put into creating a pleasant place to come for healing and rehabilitation.”

– Barry

“Last week, I could hardly walk I was in such bad lower back pain. After my first meeting and adjustment with Dr. Hudson, I felt about 20% better. After the second, I was completely back to normal. “

– Gavin

“After becoming pregnant with our first child, my husband and I sought treatment to ease the back pain that accompanied my second trimester.
Dr. Hudson’s gentle approach and attention to detail granted me the gift of truly enjoying the journey of pregnancy as with each treatment I felt significantly diminished pain and increased range of motion. “

– Candess

“Dr.Hudson and his staff saved my life !! They are very very good, very professional. I have a herniation in my lumbar and was in pain for days, no working, I had to stop my life and almost think about surgery.

After discovered them, start the spinal decompression and other therapies, now I’m back to my life again.. I’m so happy… I for sure recommended Dr. Hudson !!”

– Cristiane

“I came to see Dr. Hudson from Toronto Canada while on vacation. I was dealing with an irritated Trigeminal nerve and needed a chiropractor to continue my treatments while away.

In one session, Dr. Hudson reduced my pain level from a 4/10 to no pain at all. I was shocked!

If you’re visiting South Beach and need chiropractic help, Lincoln Road Wellness is where you need to be.

P.s He also has wonderful energy!“

– Alexis

Perfect place for good rehabilitation physical therapy and spiritual thanks to all guy’s”

– Poli

“An exceptional and “true” full service wellness office. I have been treated for a serious back injury. The combination of chiropractic, physical therapy and massage services all in one office have allowed me to get back to my daily activities and to working out in a faster time.”

– Frederic

“Dr. Hudson and his staff are exceptional!! He is attentive, accommodating and definitely a leader in his field. Taking time to provide the necessary treatment to ensure I receive the care needed to stay active and without pain. If you are in search of chiropractic services look no further.”

– Jim

“A unique center that stands apart from other chiropractic and physical therapy facilities. First, the environment is more like a spa, with an atmosphere of calm and quiet. All of Dr. Hudson’s team members are well-trained, friendly and professional, and the treatments are provided in private rooms, not shared facilities, as in some other places. “

– Charlotte

“I had several wonderful experiences at Lincoln Road wellness with Dr. Hudson taking care of my left hip when it’s out of place and Monica and Jonathan that took care of my Frozen Shoulder It was so bad that I could even reach for a glass in my kitchen Cabinet. 

But after several months of therapy, I was able to ski without any restrictions what so ever and have 100% of my left shoulder back. “

– Tamara

“Above and beyond! Dr. Hudson, Albert, Jonathan and Lena, I want to say “Thank you” a million times. They will welcome you like family, they will take care of you and your body in every aspect of body health as one can only imagine.

– Anton